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Not-for-profit digital platform for an interdisciplinary community, setting the scene for collaboration between the two disciplines: arts and new technologies.

Our activities are centred around research, moderating creative discussion and support for innovative #arttech solutions, start-ups and activists. The outcomes are intended to create new and challenging perspectives, that will reshape the future of art.

Art and technology

We all probably heard about and maybe some of you also are active users of Fintechs, Insurtechs, Biotechs, Regtechs but little has been said about Arttech.

It’s all about the finding new digital models in the way the art is created, presented, sold, archived.

ART WARGAMES: scenarios for the future of art

Coming soon...

A point of no return

Arttech - why now?

Arttech startups are challenging the art market scene for some time now. They are working across the whole value chain but it was too early to call it a serious trend. Little has been done by well known incumbents in the art market and institutions. It seems the market needed incentives and the feel of urgency to transform.

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Starting from 2020 is researching innovations in the are of art and technology to create the most up to date listing of #arttech activist and innovators, as well as groundbreaking #arttech startups and innovations. Throughout 2020 a series of in depht interviews will be conducted and published on an ongoing basis to promote the most valuable phenomena in art and technology. “2020 #ARTTECH GAMECHANGERS DIRECTORY” will find its summary in a report published by the


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