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About is a digital platform for an interdisciplinary community, setting the scene for collaboration between the two disciplines: arts and new technologies. The activities are centred around research, moderating creative discussion and support for innovative #arttech solutions. The outcomes are intended to create new and challenging perspectives, that will reshape the future of the art. is about exploring ways to incorporate innovation in the field of contemporary arts within multiple dimensions:

  • artistic creation

  • equal access to art

  • inclusive artist representation

  • disintermediation of the art market

  • visitors experience

  • art in new digital public space

  • engaging new diverse audience

  • collecting

  • promoting and sharing

  • preserving and archiving community gathers visionaries sharing interest in #arttech: activists, artists, art and IT professionals, collectors, entrepreneurs, futurists, influencers, innovators, researchers and technologists. activities are designed to facilitate and promote the #arttech discussion through global meetings of minds, research projects and webinars. The intention is to build on gathered knowledge and share the outcomes back for the benefit of the #arttech community.


Eva Jasiecka

Eva Jasiecka

ArtTech, Insurtech & Fintech enthusiast and innovation enabler. Particular interest in technology innovation, scaling up start-ups and the impact of technology on the business models, value chain and customer experience.

Katarzyna Kucharska

Katarzyna Kucharska

Art curator & producer of culture. Managed international projects for NGOs and art institutions. Ran own gallery and cooperated with global ones. Interests: the women's paradox on the art market & threads of women's visibility in culture. Last research: single artist museum & women's museums worldwide.